Card Counting In Blackjack

Unlike other games mmc thai of chance, blackjack is considered to be relatively promising. This is probably why it is known as the most popular casino game of chance. If you want to increase your chances, even more, you can fall back on a strategy that is more than half a century old: the so-called card counting.

This is because the better they can guess which card the dealer will deal with next, the more they have the advantage in blackjack.

With the strategy of card counting, they should be able to do this. If you don’t want to remember the cards that are already out of the game, you can use the “high-low system.”

  1. The cards are divided into three groups.
  2. Cards with the value 2 to 6 are assigned a +1, cards with the values ​​7 to 9 are assigned a zero and the remaining cards (10 – A) a -1.
  3. As soon as the first cards of a newly shuffled deck are dealt, you start counting.
  4. While the result in the first rounds is still not very meaningful, a +1 at the end of a round in the further course of the game indicates that there are more cards with higher card values ​​in play and vice versa.

At first, this system may take some getting used to, but it has been so successful that many casinos have taken countermeasures against card counting. Even if it is not prohibited in Germany, it can lead to house bans in individual casinos, you are identified as a “card counter.”

Doubling in roulette – promising?

Roulette is also one of the classic gambling games. This goes so far that the roulette table is a symbol of gambling for some people – even on the Internet.

Roulette is undoubtedly primarily about the luck of the player. Nevertheless, many tried and tested players also propagate certain strategies with which it should be possible to influence the chance of winning in a targeted manner.

One of the best known is the so-called doubling strategy. This refers to the so-called “French Roulette.” The roulette table consists of 37 fields, one green with the color 0 and 16, each with red and black. Players can bet on the respective color.

The doubling strategy works as follows:

  1. For example, a player bets on the color red until he loses.
  2. In the next round, he places the double bet on the same color.
  3. As soon as he loses – possibly already in the first round, he again doubles the amount from the last round to the color red.

The theoretical foundation for the doubling strategy sounds very complicated, but experts find it unconvincing. A wrong basic assumption is that the appearance of one color increases the likelihood of another color appearing in the next round. The probabilities remain the same regardless of what happened in the game before. This means that the color red can easily appear ten times in a row. If your efforts are doubled during this time, this can lead to enormous losses.

In contrast to card counting in blackjack, the doubling strategy in roulette is therefore not very promising – it is permitted in every casino.

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